This is the way I roll…

I know, I know – Everyone has a Bugaboo. So who cares about my review.  Well I doubt anyone has really put this ruggedized stroller to the test! It’s all fine and dandy when you are pushing your Bugaboo along with one finger while chatting on your iPhone or BB sipping your latte in Manhattan, a completely different scenario to push this bad boy through the narrow, cobble-stone streets of the Eternal City – Rome.

I have tacked on numerous miles in Rome over the last two years and our Bugaboo Cameleon had no problem handling the devastating terrain. The shock absorption is phenomenal. It turns on a dime even on cobble-stones to avoid the oncoming scooters that ignore all traffic rules. It did however suffer the double and triple parking that is standard throughout the city!

Most of you Bugaboo owners know, of course, all the “not-recommended-by-Bugaboo” functions that it can perform in your day-to-day lives. Grocery cart, coat hanger, crowd parter etc. So I really have to say that I would definitely do it all over again, despite the hefty price tag.

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