One Ringy Dingy… Two Ringy Dingy…

Although my Lily Tomlin reference is from the not so recent past, I use it to introduce my phone of choice for today and most probably the future. Surprise! I have an iPhone. Full disclosure here – I am somewhat of an Apple fanboy so yes I am terribly biased. I am also a gadget freak as you may have read in my prior posts so I have gone through many (I kid you not!) cell phones. The Palm Treo 650 for me was the Holy Grail of smartphones until the iPhone came along. Some have come close, but there is still nothing out there that matches the iPhone in simplicity, ease-of-use and full integration with my mobility needs. The only criticism is AT&T’s appalling 3G network coverage in New York (and I have heard elsewhere in the U.S.). How do I know that it is the network and not the phone? I travel abroad, often. And in Europe, especially in Italy, which is light years ahead of the U.S. in wireless technology (actually every other country in this world is ahead of the U.S. in this technology) the iPhone just flies on the 3G network (yes they have already rolled out the 7.2Mbps structure). There are many opinions and many critics, but other than battery life (which is just as limited on all smartphones that claim the same capabilities) there really isn’t anything that I need from my smartphone that it does not do better then the others. Granted that was probably the shortest iPhone review ever, but I hope many of you will appreciate that!

One thought on “One Ringy Dingy… Two Ringy Dingy…

  1. Jeremy74 says:

    I love the iPhone, but REFUSE to use AT&T. Worst CS and coverage EVER!!!! Praying that Apple opens the floodgates further and allows T-Mobile and Verizon to offer it!!! PLEEAASEEEE!!!

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