The Daddy Diaper Bag…

I doubt many of you will find it hard to believe that my diaper bag of choice is the Jack Spade Dad Field Bag. Mine is navy blue with the orange soccer field changing pad. Sturdy canvas like most of Jack Spade’s field bags. Simple and spacious. It doubles as a laptop bag for my (of course) MacBook Pro. And while changing my little boy it can be used as a cushion for his head. The shoulder strap is perfect for hanging it from the stroller. That pretty much sums it up for me. Not sure you need any other bag to get the job done!

One thought on “The Daddy Diaper Bag…

  1. jake30something says:

    I've gone through 2 of these! It beats the flowery pink kind my wife tries to send me around with AND I have literally thrown this thing into the washer and has survived quite well… hard to find these days so I wonder if they have a new one in the works. here's hoping 🙂

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