Flying the more parent friendly skies…

Raise your hand if you hate air travel these days? What about with kids? Me too! The security check, the stroller, the other passengers cringing as you look for your seat hoping they are not stuck next to you, the non-stop fidgeting, the guy who insists on putting his chair in your lap while you are trying to feed your kid and so on and so forth.  Well looks like Air New Zealand is going to give their parent passengers a nice look into a potentially more civilized travel future (too bad I will probably never get a chance to fly with them!). The “Skycouch” will allow you to use a continuous flat surface for your kid(s) to play on without worrying about having them stand in the two inches of leg room available to play on the seat. I hope, though, that it will not come with the usual price tag that is not-so-parent-friendly. Stay tuned!

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