Children’s products useful by design and cool by nature…

One of my favorite companies, as a Dad, is Boon.

I always admire a company that can create children’s products that are useful, safe, aesthetically pleasing and just plain cool. That does not mean these are the only kind of children’s products I like or buy, but I am most attracted by a well-thought out and beautifully designed product. I own and use seven of Boon’s products: Frog Pod, Squirt, Fluid, Catch Bowl, Snack Ball, ModWare and Groovy.

The Frog Pod is a great bathtub accessory. The frog keeps all of my son’s bath time toys in one place and hung to dry when not in use. Since I am often on tub cleaning duty after my wife whisks him off to his room to prep him for bed, I just unhook the Pod from the wall, drag it through the tub (thanks to the “vents”) and quickly pick up all loose toys. Then you just hook it back to the base and the next morning everything is dripped dry! The only thing I would say you need to be aware of is that if you choose to use the suction cups to hook the base to the bathroom tiles do not position the Pod directly under the shower because if a lot of water gets to the suction cups they will (logically) come loose and the whole unit will fall off. Can be a bit jarring to hear that clatter in the middle of the night!

The Squirt, Fluid, Catch Bowl, Snack Ball, ModWare and Groovy are all for different stages of your baby and toddler’s feeding phases. The squirt made feeding homemade fruit and vegetable puree’s to our son, when he was starting on solids, a cinch. The ModWare is a great way to get toddlers to eat their meals without sticking themselves or chiseling “Elmo loves me alot!” into the dining room table! Paired with the Catch Bowl (for anything that could go “splat!”) and Groovy (for less “clean-up” intense food) these utensils have been a great way to get our son to eat with us at the table using our “table-friendly” Tripp Trapp high chair by Stokke (that will be reviewed in upcoming posts).

Two niggles here on two of the Boon products I have used to allay any fears that I am blindly in love with their products (doing get me wrong… I kinda do!). The Fluid allows for great hand control when your kid is ready for what I call “tipping” sippy cups, but (and this problem does not only afflict Boon) does nothing to avoid a steady stream of water when our son decides to play “let’s see how much water I can pour onto the hard wood floor”. The trade off for the “staying put” power of the Catch Bowl is the need for a foot planted against the table, both hands firmly grasping the bowl and all your weight leaning back to pry the sucker (no pun intended) off the table (and often from the sink when you go to wash it out). As I said: “niggles” that do not really downgrade the product experience much nor can I honestly think that there is an easy work around considering that they serve their primary purpose well.

The Snack Ball is probably my favorite Boon product. It is very versatile doubling as a very resistent “ball” to play catch with or a table top bowling ball using toy soldiers as pins. To be honest, I have used it often for my own snacks because as I said before it is just plain cool. I must warn you, though, if you plan on using it for yourself you will have to get used to other parents giving you some dirty looks for apparently depriving your child of their snack!

And it does not end with my review of Boon products because there are two points about this company that I think add value to their products. As a marketing person myself I know how often gimmicks are used by companies to nurture affection from customers more often than not as a facade for lack of quality in their products or services. Boon on the other hand has great products, so they could simply end their offering there, but they strive to make products that are BPA-, Phthalate- and PVC-free and as if that is not enough they have a Giving Back program that has been committed from “Day 1” to donating 10% of profits to charities specifically benefiting children in need. Now if that doesn’t further convince you to grab some Boon products I don’t know what will!

One thought on “Children’s products useful by design and cool by nature…

  1. daddyknows68 says:

    Thanks for the review! Have some Boon things myself and love them. We have two girls so we went with the Lady Bug and the Squirt is awesome!!!!

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