Rocking and a rowing…

As I have said before, I am a big fan of beautiful and practical design. Bloom’s CocoStylewood fits that description. The sleek unibody design makes it a welcome addition to a nursery. I confess that at first my son was not thrilled to be rocked in it, but as he grew older he actually sought it out and rocked himself in it – giggling with delight. It has now become his Row, Row, Row Your Boat perch!

I must also confess that if Bloom made an adult size CocoStylewood I would probably be typing this post while rocking in one. The construction is solid* and the micro-suede is very supple. Bloom offers wood and plexi-glass for the unibody base as well as numerous colors of micro-suede. Of course I can never say enough good things about a company that makes children’s products that are lead free, phthalate free, PVC free, heavy metal free, and AZO dye free (you can read the company’s safety and sustainability statement here). After wondering whether this should be on our baby registry I can say that we certainly made the right choice.

*I have to asterisk my solidly built statement because I actually did have a slight problem with my initial CocoStylewood. I can’t say for sure what happened, but the wood “sheets” that build the base separated from each other and as I said it was in the phase in which my son was not so fond of it. Basically, it came unglued. It did not however seem to be cracking or compromising the structure itself. Nonetheless, I did not want to risk it breaking so I gave Bloom a call and they promptly sent a replacement. The new unit has been perfect after much more use than the first unit, so I chalk up the first units glitch to being a one-off. I also have to say that Bloom’s customer service was exemplary and this only makes me recommend their products more emphatically.

One thought on “Rocking and a rowing…

  1. Rearing20s says:

    Followed the links and I like what they have. Very contemporary and retro all in one! The high chair that looks like an egg looks that famous egg chair from the 70's. I also think it's pretty cool that it is a company founded by dads!

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