My Royal Heinie Diaper Wallet Giveaway

Alright boys (and girls, why not?!), let’s get this inaugural giveaway started (so fingers crossed it goes smoothly)!

One lucky New York Dad’s Blog reader (yes that means that there may be a quiz about my blog!) will receive a My Royal Heinie diaper wallet in very manly-men Commando “Camo” color. You can read my post about my own experience with the wallet (just FYI… I own one and did not get it as a freebie… I know I know… what an idiot! What can I say… maybe next time!)

So here’s the deal (I am sure many of you are familiar – probably more than I am – with the routine) in order to participate in the random drawing:

Go to My Royal Heinie’s website and tell me in a comment to this post what other colors the wallet comes in (and if you feel so inclined let me know if you feel they are too girlie-man for you to be caught dead with while changing your kid’s diaper). Then again if you are a mommy that will not be an issue (guys let’s show the ladies that we have the numbers to beat them… after all, isn’t this the year of the daddy bloggers?!).

For multiple entries* you can also:

– Subscribe to New York Dad’s Blog’s RSS Feed

– Subscribe to New York Dad’s Blog using your e-mail

– Become a fan of New York Dad’s Blog on Facebook

– Become a fan of My Royal Heinie on Facebook

– Follow @NewYorkDad on Twitter

– Follow @MyRoyalHeinie on Twitter

– Blog about this giveaway and share the link in a comment

– RT @MyRoyalHeinie Diaper Wallet #Giveaway @NewYorkDad

*ALWAYS give me a heads up in a separate comment below that you have done so otherwise it will NOT count as an additional entry (I am a very distracted man – or as my wife would say “You can’t multi-task… it’s genetic!” – and this way I only have one integrated checklist!)

No more entries will be accepted after March 19th, 2010 at 12am EST (date and time stamp on the comment). Open to US and Canadian readers only. I will select the winner on March 20th, 2010 and they will have 48 hours to claim their prize. You may ask how can I properly use the randomizer if I don’t have numbered comments? Well I do have them numbered, just can’t figure out (on this theme) how to do it so you can see it properly! So, you are just going to have to trust me on this one (and hopefully by the next one someone will mercifully show me the light!).

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to submit valid e-mail addresses when leaving a comment (this will not be visible to the general public). By submitting your e-mail address for entry into this give-away you are consenting to my passing along your e-mail address to My Royal Heinie for marketing purposes. Please do not say that I did not tell you so because I just did (duh!).

GOOD LUCK TO ALL (OK so a little more to the guys because we’re clearly outnumbered!)!


Congratulations to @twistedxtian for winning the My Royal Heinie Diaper Wallet Giveaway! Below is the screen capture of with the winning comment #13. Thank you everyone for participating and thank you to My Royal Heinie for their generosity! Stay tuned for future giveaways…

26 thoughts on “My Royal Heinie Diaper Wallet Giveaway

  1. joel says:

    I find this camo crap sack to be of the utmost quality. i can picture myself filling said crap sack with sacks of crap from my three crapping crap sack fillers. no matter how much crap, fills up my fair crap sack, theyll never take away my dreams of winning said crap sack.

    love, dad

  2. Katie's Mom says:

    I like the Camo better than the traffic. I like the red trim, it will look awesome on my red bugaboo stroller!

  3. joel says:

    I hath completed all of these things except the rss, because where i come from rss stands for Raping Satans, Stanley. which tells me that if i sign on with an "rss" i will be considered a devil with a penchant for having his way with people, Stanley.

    so if i must bow out of this competition because i am a conscientious objector, so be it.

    but im going to nanee nanee booboo my way across the internet in misery

    • New York Dad says:

      @joel (a.k.a Satan lover that is having twins now), I have bad news for you. If you want to beat our Canadian friend you need to post a separate comment for each of the extra entries that you want to submit (see how @twistedxtian and @dada_rocks did it below). Only reason I torture you with this tedium is so that you create multiple comment numbers that I can enter into the randomizer and you have a better chance of winning. If you win I no longer have to fear that you and your Chicago posse will come to NY looking for me 🙂

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