Looking good kid…

A few weeks ago, I worked my way across SoHo towards the now trendy Lower East Side. Tucked away in one of the many loft buildings is an office where a family run business creates some of the most exciting children’s clothing out there.

I was meeting Harald Husum, founder and chief designer of Appaman. A few minutes into the conversation we were already side tracked and talking about our kids and raising them in New York, the challenges of modern daddyhood and then inevitably about his Liverpool and my Roma football clubs (aka soccer). Eventually we were able to get back to talking about Appaman and how Harald, a Norwegian native, was a trailblazer in the children’s fashion industry as it has evolved over the last decade. In relatively few years and from its more humble beginnings as a hip silkscreened kid’s t-shirt shop, Appaman has set the standard for cool kid’s clothing. I find myself very much in sync with Harald’s vision that children’s clothing need not be cookie cutter blues and pinks. In fact, everything Appaman designs you might want yourself if only it came in adult sizes.

When Appaman first started to expand beyond just t-shirts, there was really no one else designing “streetwear” clothing. Many have followed, but certainly Harald is a pioneer. Year after year Appaman has expanded its line of clothing and while I was there talking with Harald I could see the racks of clothing for the Fall/Winter line in the background. As soon as I can, I will tell you more about this line and what you can expect to see in stores soon.

I know that as parents we always worry about our kids growing up too fast and that means tastes in clothing as well. What I find unique about Appaman is the ability to design practical children’s clothing that is just plain cool. Looking back at some of my pictures as a kid I can only wish that Harald had been around back then to liven things up a bit.

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