My son has a nose fetish

I’m not going to say I’m worried, yet. My son, though, really, really, really likes rubbing stuff under his nose. I think you could easily classify it as an addiction. If he was an adult I might call friends and relatives for an intervention, but since he is only two years old I think I’ll hold off and see where we are in a few years.

His favored fix is blankie. He starts with a slow pass of the satin border under his nose. Eyes half closed. Slow inhale. Left to right. He then does a quick back and forth pass and his eyes go wide and wild. You can see that he has taken his first real hit and his body gives a little shudder. He then continues passing it under his nose systematically and in a continuous flowing movement from left to right and right to left.

There are three distinct moments during the day when the ritual repeats itself with different results. In the wee hours of the morning (unfortunately for us) when he wakes up and announces that he wants his milk “Mo’… Milk… Pleez!”. Once he has inhaled his first glass he retrieves blankie and much like a cigarette after coffee he runs it under his nose closing his eyes and reveling in the seemingly long lost pleasure of the act (although it was only a few minutes since his last fix). This goes on for a few more minutes until he is satiated and announces that he is ready to start his day by sticking a finger up my nose or in my eye while excitedly yelling in my ear: “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”, baffled by my reluctance to acknowledge his presence.

Then there is nap time which occurs when his playing and running around reaches a crescendo that culminates in a total lack of coordination as he runs giggling down the hallway towards a closed door while looking behind him or straight at a tree as he streaks across a stretch of green in the park. My wife or I must then pluck him up in mid-stride and in the same motion stick blankie in his hands just as he starts to protest. He goes limp, longingly runs the edge of the blankie between his fingers and then buries his nose in the plush with a sigh – falling asleep instantaneously.

Finally, evening comes around (never soon enough on those high-maintenance days) and after his evening bath he gets his “I’m so sleepy” laugh which is accentuated by his jelly legs that keep him stumbling around as we get him ready for bed. The blankie and pacifier are like a warm glass of milk. The nose rub is now slow and deliberate. The eyes flutter and close. All is good.

3 thoughts on “My son has a nose fetish

  1. Mike Casey says:

    It's never boring is it? My 3 kids are past the nose fetish stage but we're now we're in the endlessly joyful stage of working through the concept of "fair". Yeah, the kids love that. Thanks for the post

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