The sound of silence…

There are a few moments in the busy day and life of a parent in which you might find yourself alone. Usually, for me, it is while I am in transit between point A and point B. I may take a side street to avoid the cacophony of the larger and more frequented streets that are everywhere in New York. The hustle and bustle suddenly subsides and I might actually hear a bird chirping and hear the leaves on a tree lined street rustling. No cars are hurtling by and there is no one to bump into as I make my way down the street. If the sun is shining I sometimes stop to enjoy this moment. It is rare, but precious – like anything that is teetering on the edge of extinction. The loneliness of the moment is quite intoxicating. I can hear my thoughts. I can hear my breathing. I can remember what it was like when I was not a father and had time to just do absolutely nothing if I so chose. And then I turn the corner and plunge back into my life – my now. I do miss those moments, but I miss them because I am in a better place right now. I have my own family to go home to with a son who yells “Daddy!” when I open the door and hugs my leg. Just that moment is enough to make me survive the craziness that is being a parent. I can only appreciate the silence now that I can no longer have it on demand, but no longer really need it to function. One of the many contradictions of parenthood that I live without regrets.

2 thoughts on “The sound of silence…

  1. DadStreet says:

    Great post!! Hey, that tree is the Lone Cypress Tree! It's the most photographed tree in the world and is over 250 years old! How do I know?? I live about a mile from it! It's great to take time and appreciate what we've had and what we have now. You're a better person for looking inside and thinking about yourself. Many people don't do this and wake up one day not realizing what happend to them.

    • New York Dad says:

      Indeed it is… beautiful and I was lucky enough to see it when there was no one around. One of my close your eyes and go to a nice place mental pictures that as a father I use more and more 😉

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