Filtering out the junk…

W.C. Fields famously said, and allow me to paraphrase, “I don’t drink water. Fish screw in it.” I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I have an under-the-sink two-phase filtration filter installed at home. I figure it sanitizes most of that fish sweat from the water we drink as well as the other “bad stuff.” I am sure most of you have been inundated by data and ads that promote tap water versus bottled water versus mini-filtration systems. Well I have done a lot of research and if you really want to cut down the crap that you get in bottled water and tap water you need a serious two or three phase filtration system. This does not mean that you can never drink bottled water or from the water fountain, but it certainly helps if at home you can ensure that you are getting the best possible water for your drinking and cooking. A basic started sediment and carbon filter will not cost more than $100 with everything you need to get started (casing, filters and faucet). For the true fanatics you can go with Reverse Osmosis, but I find it impractical. You sterilize water and then need to add minerals back. I know it is the only 100% guarantee that the water has nothing left in it that is harmful, but it is a pain to have to remember the drops once the process is complete.

I am not going to bore you with details and where you can get these filtration systems. They are very simple to install so do not let the idea of having to tinker below the sink scare you. You can buy big name brand from your local big box hardware store or go online and find perfectly good generics. It is so important to reduce the levels of crap from your family’s water supply (not to mention the space you save from not stocking and discarding bottled water) and so simple that you have no excuse. So off you go.

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