There is something oddly satisfying about looking up dead relatives. To be more precise and less jarring I am getting back into my family tree with a renewed vigor that I hope will close some loops and tie loose ends. What I enjoy most about this activity is the hunt. It is the closest I will ever come to being an investigator. The challenges of seemingly dead ends and the pleasure of finding the missing link that gets you around the obstacle are what have always fascinated me when it comes to history in general. I believe I would be quite satisfied sitting in a library in the middle of stacks of manuscripts and books looking for and making connections between people and events that trace ancestry and evolution

The Internet has certainly brought an incredibly powerful set of tools and numerous resources into our homes that allow us to rapidly piece things together; and yet, despite all the technology, there is still so much that is not available. For all the archives and public records that are being painstakingly put together by librarians and archivists around the world there are just as many clues about the past that are locked away in a dusty trunk in attics and basements.

I am looking forward to my search because I am lucky to already have a great deal of oral and written history. This will act a guide and much like the picture on the puzzle box, I just have to find and match the pieces. I also know that there are some missing pieces and I look forward most to tackling that part of my research.

I do not know how long this will take me since I must do it during my spare time, but I hope that I will have a great deal organized so that if my son grows to share my same passion he can help me and eventually take over wherever I leave off my search.

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