Off Again. On Again.

During the last two weeks or so I have practically disappeared from the blogosphere. I am back and must confess that I kind of enjoyed it. That does not mean I did not miss it. I did. The down time, though, was refreshing. In the evenings when I do most of my writing I watched some movies, read some books, caught up on some New Yorker issues I missed (it is the best magazine out there, by the way) and basically just did nothing. I rarely turned on the computer and between snow days and holiday closings I spent most of the day with my son and relatives who came to visit.

It reminded me that community is important and part of the reason I like writing and reading what others write is that (as I have said many times before) my and my wife’s community (as in “flesh and blood”) is far away across the Atlantic. The blogs and people I talk to on an almost daily basis during the year have become my community away from “home” so to speak.

Getting back online feels much like walking back into the dorms after summer or winter break and hearing the familiar voices and seeing the familiar faces as you walk to your room. Some smile and some don’t, but it somehow feels like you were never gone for very long. You are not happy that the break is over, but you are happy to walk back into that comfort zone where things are as they were when you left a few weeks or months ago and you are anxious to meet up with friends and moan about the daily grind just like you did before you left.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some catching up to do.

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