Summer Sanctuaries

With the sweltering heat upon us, the weekends are spent hunting for cool spots (cool as in not hot, but not hot as in uncool rather… oh never mind). This past weekend we had settled under one of our favorite trees in the park for a picnic and some games and within minutes we had packed up and headed off leaving behind gnats, mosquito’s, humidity, and sweaty and spitting softball players (not to mention the constant need to grope themselves to make sure they really are men since, let’s face it, they’re playing softball). Our son was also not taking his usual nap which was making him, well you know, cranky. We were close enough to the Natural History Museum and I thought we could at least distract him and hopefully get him to sleep in the cooler and often darker recesses of the museum’s halls.

Suffice it to say that museums, aquariums and zoos are a Godsend. Chock-full of distractions, they allow you to entertain your kid for hours on end. I know it is no always easy if they decide to make a break for it or pass by the museum shop, but it has been more of a positive experience than a negative one. The yearly memberships are always reasonable (and partly tax deductible) and you waive your membership card and access these sanctuaries when it is too hot or too cold outside.

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