No more sand (maybe).

Everyone has his or her favorite beach towel. Whether it has your Alma Mater’s crest or your kid’s favorite cartoon character on it, what you do not like about that towel is the mounds of sand that it picks up and brings back home with it. As so many things in life, the military found a solution from years spent wandering the dessert and dealing with tons and tons of the stuff. Of course, who other than Hammacher Schlemmer could discover the secret and make it available to us civilians?


I think the sandless beach mat is ingenious. As described on their site, the specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from reemerging through the bottom of the mat. The rip-stop polyurethane construction resists abrasions from outdoor furniture or pets, the bound edges remain flat, and the mat won’t absorb moisture, preventing mold and mildew. It comes in two sizes 6’x6’ or 8’x8’, with the smaller version available in blue or orange (the larger size only in blue). So your towels can stay nice and clean. Now if the military could only find a way to keep the sand encrusted kids off of the towels…

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