Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice…

I am a new dad – again. I get to deal with breastfeeding, poop, burps, spit up and less no sleep. The second time around, though, I realize that the first time was not so bad after all. Newborns really do just eat, poop and sleep. It’s the whining and now jealous older toddler that kills you. I was warned and I read dissertations about it, but as when you become a parent the first time you don’t really get it until you live it. I must premise all of this by saying that I am a lucky man. I have two beautiful and healthy boys and a lovely and loving wife. I had my kids at a time in my life when I was in a good place and was ready (although who am I kidding, you are never really ready for parenthood) to start a family. So for all these reasons I am a happy camper.

Reality is, though, that now it’s just one-on-one. There is no double-teaming my son anymore. He’s got help and no matter how reluctant he may be to have that baby brother around to take away a piece of his pie, he sure loves the added distraction to mom and dad’s vigilance.

It all started a few weeks ago (although my three year old new something was up months ago) when roughly twenty-four hours before we were scheduled to go in for an induction my second son decided he was going to one up his big brother (who was induced) and come out of his own volition.

After a false start we were back in the hospital after only a few hours and chance would have it in the same exact delivery room as my first son. My son also happened to get whisked away to the NICU with me in tow since they were worried he had inhaled some fluid, but it was a false alarm. Sure enough my second son decided that he too must visit the NICU, but this time he wanted yet again to crawl out from under his older sibling’s shadow and stayed there a full week since he actually did inhale fluid.

An earthquake and a hurricane later, we were finally allowed to bring him home and made sure to bring his big brother to the hospital to see him being brought out by myself and the nurse. We wanted him to understand that we hadn’t just bought a baby at the local pharmacy since mom had already come home without a belly or the much talked about baby brother. We even did the whole baby brother gift tactic to smooth things over.

So far I will say there has been no overt Cain and Able moments, but whatever tenderness big brother has shown to baby brother (we caught him reading to baby brother the other day of his own accord) his alter-ego, Big Bad Brother, has stricken down upon us with great vengeance and furious anger. But that my friends is whole other post altogether.

7 thoughts on “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice…

  1. Bruce Sallan says:

    C’mon…it’s still GREAT, isn’t it? A miracle! Yipes, you live in New York and this weekend is a miracle…AND, I’m so glad you had two (or more?) kids. Too many parents are stopping at one, world-wide (in Western societies) for economic reasons and depriving their children of having siblings/family.  I HATED being an only child and swore I’d never do that. My (1st) wife (and mother of my two boys) wanted to stop after one and I kept on pressing that we have two…we did and I Thank G*d every day!  

    Thanks for this…so glad I’m PAST the poop stage. Now, we have the easy stuff like sex, drugs, drinking, driving, and total sass!

    • New York Dad says:

      No doubt it is a great ride and I know the climb gets steeper with age. A colleague of mine just related to me the story of his 16 year old sneaking his car out the garage in the middle of the night to hit the local drive thru and there was only a driving permit amongst the improvised posse. His only defense when they fessed up was “We were really hungry.” Good grief 😉

  2. Baby Steps for Dad says:

    Congratulations! Just had our first.  He is just over a month old now and pretty much as you said just sleeps, poops and eats.  He also took a 5 hour trip to NICU when he was born just to try to scare a new mom and dad to death.  I wouldn’t trade any of the poop, spitup or fussy nights in for anything though.  It is one of the best experiences I have ever had.   

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