The Clarisonic Classic: A spa minute (literally) for this tired dad’s face.

I was recently approached with what I felt at the time was an unusual request: to test out a facial cleansing product. The request by Clarisonic, though, was use it as a pre-shave treatment to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs. I was skeptical since I really did not see the point since I use a badger brush to do the same thing, but I was intrigued and accepted.

After just a few days I got a package with my kit that was mine to test and to keep. The kit included (and it’s what you get in the regular kit when you purchase it):


– Cordless Clarisonic Classic (Graphite)

– Charging Cradle (120v)

– Normal Brush Head (you can also get a sensitive skin head separately)

– 1 oz. trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser

– I did not get the travel bag which I was rather bummed about until I saw that it was floral patterned.

I followed the instructions on charging the unit with the cradle and the next morning decided to start the regimen. I confess that as any guy would I really did not read the instructions in detail. Basically it says to apply some of the gel to the Clarisonic brush head and then lather around your face and neck thanks to the gagillion movements and vibrations per second that the brush does on your skin  (or something like that). I grabbed it, put some gel on it and into the shower it went with me (it’s waterproof). I had read it should only take a minute and also not to push the brush hard, just glide it across your face, so that is what I did. I pushed the start button on the handle and the Clarisonic came to life. It looks like a giant Sonicare toothbrush and, in fact, it was invented by the same people (I am not going to bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo, but if you’re into that here is a good link: Clarisonic Research).

The vibration was pleasant and before you all get naughty thoughts in your head please remember that my kids may read this some day. I pretty much winged it (since, again, I’m a guy and don’t really read instructions) and let the brush do its thing for a minute or two. It gave me a pleasant face massaging sensation so I was not counting the seconds. I pushed the button again and the vibration stopped. After rinsing off the lathered gel and getting out of the shower I definitely felt tighter (cleaner) skin and I proceeded to shave using my trusted badger brush and safety razor.

I must confess that although I have oily skin, I really to do not have problems with ingrown facial hair or with breakouts, but I do use facial soap regularly so to make sure I was giving the Clarisonic a good run I decided to use it exclusively for a few weeks. This is also the amount of time that Clarisonic told me to wait before I starting seeing results since your face adjusts to this new method of cleaning. The Clarisonic certainly gets the job done. It cleaned me up just as well if not better than some of the soaps I use regularly. As far as making it an indispensable part of my own shaving routine I will say that it is not necessary, but again I do not have problems with my facial hair that this product could certainly resolve. I can certainly see the benefits of it opening up the obstructions that usually trap facial hair for those who suffer from in grown hair and I can certainly see how acne sufferers would get a good scrub with this. I do, though, enjoy using the Clarisonic for my facial scrubs and will continue to use it in the shower to keep my face clean and quite frankly massage my face since with two kids it is the only spa treatment I will be getting anytime soon – even if it lasts only a minute.

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