Newborn vs. Toddler – A (Very) Short Discourse.

With a newborn bringing my wife and me back to square one, I find myself double taking as my three and a half year old starts coming into his own. I look at our baby boy and then at my eldest and cannot believe that in such a short amount of time he has become a little man. He has thoughts, quirks, opinions (too many, but what else is new), questions, cares, moods and surprises – lots of them. The balancing act of splitting time and attention between my two sons leaves me feeling guilty about missing out on any of either’s “baby steps.” I want the first smiles and babbles of our newborn, but my son using a new word out of thin air or reciting the alphabet by heart is equally endearing. The reality is that I just do not have the time to worry about these things so I take whatever is there and indulge fully in the moment I encounter whether it is with the newborn or the toddler.

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