Mother’s Day a New York Perspective

(Source: The New Yorker – Cover by: Chris Ware)

Just got this issue in the mail today and I had to smile… great wit. My gift to all of you awesome mom’s out there (albeit this is more akin to ripping out some of the neighbor’s prized roses and pretending I grew them myself…). I know I’m early, but shouldn’t it be a daily recurrence? Happy Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Mother’s Day a New York Perspective

  1. Arrow Trans says:

    Every mom is special. Working for a car rental services in New York, Arrow Transportation, I sometimes do not have enough time to see my Mom anymore. But this Mother’s Day, we can take our Moms to enjoy a delicious Mother’s day meal with beautiful ever changing views of the New York skyline. Or take them for a walk in Manhattan. No matter how you spend it, what matters most is the joy and the appreciation we give our Moms for giving us our lives more than any gift in the world. Happy Mothers Day to all!

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