Got kids? I’ve got a watch for you.

They got me. They hit my weak spot. They know. They’ve been watching me. They knew I’d cave. They smelled blood. They know I crave watches. And I tried to resist. Really, I did. But who am I kidding? Would I say no to a watch review. Especially, if it is for an iconic brand like Timex? You may say, “but you have so many watches already did you really need to review another one?!” I would argue it is my duty especially because I was skeptical about the one they sent me. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. An all black IP fly back chrono with something they call “Intelligent Quartz”. I already own several Timex watches and you may ask why given some of the others you have seen on my wrist. My answer to you, in the form of a question, is simply this: Got kids?

I do. Two boys and they beat the crap out of everything they can get their hands on. My 4 year old experiments resistance thresholds whereas my 9 month old just bashes and giggles Bamm-Bamm style. I am old enough to remember when Timex had one of the best taglines ever: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. And that is still true. This chrono looks great for both casual and dress wear, but most importantly it can go all day and is quite durable. Although a solidly constructed watch it is surprisingly light for a 42mm. I’ve never had a problem with the inner works yet on a Timex especially in the T-series family so other than the rare battery change I trust it will lead a long and healthy life on your wrist. The best part is that considering what kids are capable of this watch is affordable so you don’t have to liv fear of wearing it at work or play. If you want a workhorse watch that can do it all (except maybe babysit) then grab a Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronographs.

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