Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

It was frigid today and temperatures will be hovering at the zero mark tonight across the tri-state area. My family is one of the lucky ones. We are safe and sound with a roof over our heads. We have experienced first hand the effects of Sandy because our family business has a warehouse in New Jersey that was chest deep in water and without power until a few days ago. Things are things, though, and people are what matter most so we consider ourselves extremely lucky.

We have been told that a nor’easter is headed our way to make matters worse for many of our neighbors who are still without power, heat and especially for those without home.

A post is the very least that I can do to help out and below are a few links for those looking for ways that they too can contribute to the relief effort. Also, please feel free to post as a comment any other links to volunteer organizations that you know of that are bringing blankets, water and other basic necessities to many of those struggling to keep warm and fed in the areas hit by Sandy.

You can also Google “Hurricane Sandy Relief” to find many other online resources and a comprehensive list of relief efforts in all the affected areas:

New York State Hurricane Relief Info Center (

New Jersey State Hurricane Relief Info Center (

Connecticut State Hurricane Relief Info Center (

American Red Cross (

One thought on “Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

  1. Jason Swann says:

    The company I work for has customers in the health care industry in areas hit by our good friend Sandra D. It’s amazing how they pick up so fast and work hard at getting back to it. It’s a testament to the human heart, and I admire those who keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for the post.

    The Cheeky Daddy

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