Let me be as clear as possible about gifts, trinkets and money that I may receive from companies so that I make sure I do not trample on any of the bazillion rules and regulations that are cropping up for blogs and bloggers. As you may know from reading my blog, I do product reviews from time to time (it’s pretty obvious and just in case you are not sure you will see that it is tagged as “Product Review”). This means that I probably got the product for free (and for keeps) to review or I may have receive some other form of compensation. If I did not get it for free I usually specify that I own it, as in: “I bought it with my own money.” If you have any doubts about whether or not my post about a product or service is because I got it for free or am doing it for money just ask me. I tend to review products that I like and use so they will predominantly be positive, but they are honest and reflect (unless indicated as products that I wish I had like a Ferrari or a yacht) my personal experience using them. The opinions about them are mine and mine alone. If I lied about them you would not read my blog anymore and then I would not get the occasional freebie that makes my day and then I get grumpy and then… well you get the picture.