What do May flowers bring…

Maybe it’s the last teeth pushing through or the start of potty training or the separation anxiety that has started or just early onset “Terrible Twos”, but I suspect the main culprit for the sudden spike in my son’s tantrums is that he is sick of Winter. I can’t really blame him. I’m sick of Winter, too and this year more so because of my son. Not because of my son mind you.

Fact is that 99.99% of New Yorkers live inside storage closets converted into apartments (the other .01% works for Goldman Sachs) so unless you are a sailor in a submarine there is now way you can appreciate what living in tight quarters means (enough with the giggles, boys). Spring is, therefore, welcomed by those of us who are in desperate need of opening up the “cages” and letting our little ones run rampant in the various parks around the City.* This is something that those of you in the warmer parts of the country and world do not have to worry about, but for us “4 Seasons” folks the first Winter thaw brings wide smiles and winks amongst perfect strangers.

Setting aside the urban versus suburban debate with it’s many nuances and necessary premises, there is nothing like taking your kids outdoor and letting them loose, unburdened by heavy clothing and hats, and watching them chase each other, running to and fro and hearing them laughing (and, of course, occasionally whining). They are just happier. They are happier even when they get their scrapes and cuts, bumps and bruises and whatever other minor accidents that are unavoidable when playing in the park – short of bubble wrapping them (and even then they would find a way!). In my new life as a dad, this is something I look forward to and more than ever appreciate.

Luckily, it is Friday and I will try to wrap up my workday quickly so I can join my wife and son in a foray into Central Park to soak in the first inklings of Spring.

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*Yes, the use of a capital “C” is intentional. It’s an annoying habit for anyone who does not live here 😉