The wheels on the bike go round and round… round and round…

I can’t honestly say this is a review; but rather, this is one of those posts in which I imagine “what if?”. I am going to talk about a couple of bicycles that I am in love with, but probably will never own. So if any of you out there have one of these beauties, please tell me your tale by clicking on the comment “Sticky” symbol at the top of this post and let me live vicariously through your experience.

The first is a simple linear “traditional” bike with a very sleek and modern look. The VANMOOF sold in the U.S. by renowned Areaware.

My second favorite is the Espresso folding bike made by Dahon and now sold by L.L. Bean and other resellers.

And my “Dream Bike” for the Urban Jungle – the IF MODE – made my Pacific Cycles and distributed in the U.S. by Areaware.

I think you should also check out this demo video.