Drinking Coffee Where The Wild Things Are…

The first sign of my son’s awakening in the morning is usually a sudden and sustained banshee-like scream that thanks to the monitor my wife places on my nightstand is the only alarm clock I need.

This is my cue to stumble towards the kitchen as my wife attempts to calm our son who is entering his full “I WANT MY MILK!” frenzy. It’s all very Where The Wild Things Are-esque with “gnashing of teeth” and all. There are two things I have to do simultaneously when I reach the kitchen (hopefully without tripping or bumping into anything in the dark):

1. Heat milk (for my son)

2. Make coffee (for my wife)

This must all be completed in less than the 30 seconds it takes my wife to bring our own little Max to inspect my work (and gnash some more). Quiet returns to our humble abode only when I have successfully inserted the sippy cup straw into my son’s mouth. Then comes the extra large 10 serving cup size mug full of steaming coffee for my loving wife who has been mumbling to no one in particular the whole time. This leaves yours truly with just enough coffee to open one eye completely. I lovingly pour the remaining precious drops of the restorative elixir into one of two portable coffee mugs: my stainless steel thermal OXO Liquiseal Travel Mug from their Good Grips line or my brown and red KeepCup.

Sure, there are thousands of mugs out there, but I have tried hundreds and these are the only two that I find practical and yet of rare beauty in this product category. For reasons known only to them, most manufacturers of “travel mugs” compete to create the ugliest objects in the consumer realm (Is it a coincidence that it is a favorite trade show tchotchke along with glow in the dark key-chain bottle openers?).

So I tip my hat to these two companies for making an object that I am actually not embarrassed to bring with me to work or while pushing around the stroller.
More importantly they can take quite a beating and in OXO’s case have never spilled even a drop of coffee on me even after having been used as a sledgehammer by my son. The OXO also does an incredible job of keeping the coffee warm FOREVER!

As for the KeepCup, it is shatter proof and recyclable (polypropylene #5) when its recommended life cycle of 4 years is up. The designers of this very cool cup added a very nifty tab to keep your coffee from spilling from the sip hole that is unobtrusively attached to the KeepCup’s lid.
So after the traumatic awakening I can slink off with my spiffy mug and precious load of coffee to nurse my aching ear!