How Big Do Goldfish Get?

How Long Do Goldfish Live?

Want to know just how big goldfish get? The humble goldfish is a pretty amazing creature. The common goldfish can grow to be well over a foot long, with the largest Oranda goldfish reaching up to 20 inches in length! Just think of the potential size of your own fish tank or pond if it was filled with Gold Oranda Goldfish. The common goldfish is an ideal beginner fish as they are easy to maintain and feed – though they do need a larger aquarium than other species.

If you have ever wondered how big goldfish get, you’ll be pleased to know that these fish are capable of growing into huge creatures. This article covers the common goldfish species, the Oranda, and the rarer Carp. Read on to discover the best goldfish care and feeding tips. Then you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing your next goldfish. But first, know your fish’s average size.

Oranda goldfish

If you want to keep Oranda Goldfish, you’ll need a large aquarium, at least twenty or thirty gallons. You should increase the size if you have additional Orandas, so you’ll have room to add more plants and decor. Keep in mind that these fish are not strong swimmers, and they prefer oxygenated water. You can also add silk plants or artificial plastic plants to give them shelter from the water currents.

Comet goldfish

Unlike common goldfish, comet goldfish do not show parental behavior and are capable of laying hundreds of eggs at once. Breeding comes from the artificial planting of pond plants. The water temperature of your tank should be 70 degrees or warmer for optimum fertility. When deciding on the right tank size, it is recommended to use a 30 gallon tank. However, if you plan to breed several comet goldfish, an extra ten gallons of water should be added to the tank.

Common goldfish

Although common goldfish can grow as large as 10 inches, their growth is limited by the size of their aquarium. Although a well-cared for goldfish will usually reach full size, it is rare for them to exceed this mark. In addition, big goldfish in a small tank will often grow stunted. Fortunately, there are several ways to help your goldfish grow big. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips:


The first question you should ask yourself is: do carp get bigger than goldfish? While carp grow to huge sizes in the wild, they are much smaller in captivity. The reason for this difference is that goldfish have been bred to be smaller than carp, and therefore they are more comfortable around people. However, carp do get bigger than goldfish, and some species can reach over four feet in length! However, they can’t live in a fish tank; you’ll need a separate pond to house them.

Carp can grow indefinitely

Fish are renowned for their ability to grow indefinitely, but they need to eat a specific diet in order to sustain such rapid growth. To investigate the effects of black carp on native species, Evans is studying the diet of one specimen. Her research will be dissected by the U.S.

Geological Survey, who will also use the specimen as a breeding material. While carp are not strictly vegetarian, they eat plants as well.


There are a few reasons for the differences in size between goldfish, from their genetics to their environment. First of all, goldfish have four copies of each gene. Genetics in goldfish is difficult, so most geneticists focus on zebrafish. But genetics in goldfish is just as complex as that of zebrafish, and goldfish and zebrafish may be related! Read on to learn more.

Water quality

Your goldfish’s health depends on the quality of their water. Starting with clean water is essential. Keeping the tank clean is equally important. If you want your fish to stay healthy, you need to change the water regularly. Goldfish can get sick if there are any pollutants in the water. If you have a small aquarium, daily water changes are not an option. Instead, you can perform frequent partial water changes to remove any wastes and chemicals from the tank.

Proper nutrition

The best way to ensure that your fish get the right nutrition is to pre-soak their food. This is a process that takes about ten minutes, but will greatly increase your goldfish’s size. Other foods to try include soaked fruits and vegetables. These can be given occasionally as treats, but you should always wash them before feeding them. Feeding them with dry food too often will lead to indigestion and swollen fish. Providing them with too much of a particular food can cause them to become unstable in their buoyancy.

Size of tank

While it is common to find a 100-litre tank advertised for a single goldfish, it is not the optimal size for a single fish. Even if you have two or three goldfish, they will still need an aquarium of at least 10 gallons in size. Goldfish produce a lot of waste, and they need plenty of water volume. You should aim for an aquarium size of 20 gallons or more, or a minimum of 10 gallons. If you only have one goldfish, a tank of this size will be insufficient, and you will have to clean it twice a week.

How Big Do Goldfish Get? Result

Many goldfish owners don’t know how big their fish will grow, so they buy a tank based on the size at which goldfish are offered for sale. However, it is very common to find a 100-litre tank advertised for a single goldfish. This is not the optimal size for either a single fish or multiple goldfish. 100 litres might seem like plenty of space, but the fact is that goldfish produce a lot of waste, and they need plenty of water volume. You should aim for an aquarium size of 20 gallons or more, or a minimum of 10 gallons. If you only have one goldfish, 10 gallons would be insufficient in terms of waste production as well as water volume.

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